Scorekeeping and Reffing

Referee and Scorer Clinics

ALL players will take Ref/Score clinics for the 2023/2024 season

All players will be required to complete both clinics prior to the first tournament of the season.

Certificates from last year are NOT valid for this season. All players and coaches have to re-complete the clinics again this season.



Registering for Referee and Scorekeeping Clinics

Clinics will be available through SportsEngine Academy. The clinics are automatically loaded into the player’s SportsEngine account as they are available.

Players will complete the following Clinics:
Jr. R1
Jr. R2
Jr. Line Judge
Jr. Scorer
Jr. Asst. Scorer/Libero Tracker

To Sign In for the Clinics:
to SportsEngine
Click on Household Tab (left side)
Click on your player picture to enlarge
Under your profile, you should see Iowa Volleyball Region with your name and member number. At the bottom, click “View Details”
To the right side, you should see “USAV Academy”; click and this will open a new window
To the left side, click “Content Library”
You will see the appropriate courses to take.