This Weekend's Tournament Schedules

Schedules will be posted as they become available. If the link does not work, the schedule has not been posted yet.

Saturday, 3/6/21

LinkElite Tournaments

11-Smack, 11-Brenna, 11-Tonya, 12-Smack, 12-Delaney

Document13-Hannah: VCN
Document14-Mary:, 14-Tori: VCN
Document15-Susan, 15-Heather: Banzai (Revised 3/5)
Document16-Liz, 16-Marlee: Banzai

Sunday, 3/7/21

Document12-Bailey, 12-Emma: SSW
Document13-Smack, 14-Anne: Banzai
Document13-Keiley, 14-Meaghan, 14-Hailey: SSW
Document13-Jaeda, 13-Keely: Banzai
Document16-Smack: Premier (Revised 3/5)
Document16-Tim: Premier (Revised 3/5)

Facility COVID Guidelines

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DocumentPremier Tournaments
DocumentTitan Tournaments
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