2020 Season Updates

Look Here!ATTENTION: 16-Smack, 17-Smack, 18-Smack Parents

Hotel booking links for the KC Show Me Qualifier were emailed to parents on 1/9/20. Our rooming block expires on Saturday, 1/18/20.

Look Here!USAV Academy Technical Issues

If you are having technical issues with the Academy:
1. Log-in to USAV Webpoint
2. Log-in to the USAV Academy (Click the Red Button on the left-hand menu)
3. Click on the Help link near the top of the screen
4. Use the Contact Us link to email National staff with an explanation of your problem.
National staff is diligently trying to catch up from the last few weeks of system problems.

**Note: Attack staff cannot help with any Academy issues.**

Uniform Update

Most uniform pieces will be delivered to practice the week of 1/6/20. Backpacks will be delivered at the Intraclub tournament. Some jackets and spandex are also missing, but we will deliver as soon as available.

Intraclub Scrimmage Schedules

Location: Iowa West Fieldhouse

All divisions will start play at 8:00 a.m.
Concession stand is available.

Parent Team Players: Teams are intermixed into each tournament schedule. There are no set teams for the parent teams. Just play when/where you are able. Parent teams will participate in pool play, and then just the Junior teams will move into the seeded tournament.

Tshirts are awarded to the winners of each division.

Document11 & 12 Division
Document13 & 14 Division
Document15-18 Division

Alumni Sierra Athen Named AVCA All-American

Sierra Athen (Graduate - 2018) was named to the AVCA All-American second team for her sophomore season. Sierra was also named a first-team all-conference and all-region player with the Bellevue University Bruins this season. Congrats, Sierra!

Raffle Ticket Collection

Players, please start bringing your raffle tickets (stubs only) to practices. We will collect tickets at practices from 12/13/2019 - 1/17/2020. Raffle drawing will be held at the Intraclub Tournament on 1/18/20.

Scorekeeping and Reffing Clinics

ALL Players are required to complete both the scorekeeping and reffing modules this season. Everyone will complete both clinics, regardless if you completed them last year.

All 18s players will also be required to complete Safesport training.

Please click on the Mandatory Scorekeeping and Referee Clinics tab on the left hand menu.

2020 Merchandise Available

We have two options available to Attack players, parents, and fans for the upcoming season.

Smack Sportswear, our uniform partner, has an online store open to be able to order.

Catch Fire Designs by Jamie McCarty also has an order form available.

Please click on the MERCHANDISE tab on the left hand menu for more information.

January 2020 Practice Schedule

Updated: 1/6/2020

Iowa Regionals Champions!

17-Smack: 2019 Iowa Regionals Champs!
17-Smack: 2019 Iowa Regionals Champs!

18-Smack: 2019 Regionals Champs!
18-Smack: 2019 Regionals Champs!

Some people come into our lives, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never the same.

You are missed Jenyi!

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